What we do.


Creating a unique, trustworthy identity with compelling brand collaterals and events, we achieve for your brand a distinct voice and a solid value proposition that engages and endears people to your brand.


Our website design, development and sustained management support service is sensibly integrated for the value of a one-stop successful entry into the advantages of the world wide web.

Digital Marketing

From Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) through to Google Ads, Bing Ads, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing and our clever keyword data-led copywriting, we will help boost your conversion rate.

Social Media

Gain strategic reach for your brand with our portfolio of social media management and advertising with the automation of smart technology apps deployed to help achieve and sustain the gains.

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Empowering Brands.

Let’s empower your brand to reach, engage and convert profitably. Deploying strategic brand techniques, our creative and digital services empower your brand with trustworthy superhero loyalty, conveying brand value across touchpoints, digital or offline, old school or futuristic.

Our niche and more.


“For years, they have remained partners in building up our three brands: polytechnic secondary & institute.

K. Adim, PhD
Executive Director, Grundtvig Foundation.


“From creating our brand, building our website and ongoing support, our business gains from Dotgidis.”

Alice Taylor
Director, Manor River Freight Services.


“Developing our website as support for the vision and mission of the lecture series is much appreciated.”

Wole Soyinka Lecture Series.


“Their creativity and innovative approach to supporting our work has been significant to our team and mission.”

Ide Owodiong-Idemeko
Founder, 1001 Voices’.

We work with some of the most ambitious organisations and inspirational people:

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Let us help you achieve your brand and event objectives.