Using a VPN is essential, especially for online security as reliance on the web increases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed our way of life. The internet is playing an ever increased role in our everyday activities. We rely more and more on the web for our shopping, meetings, banking, and entertainment with every new day. For many more businesses, remote working is coming to stay as the norm. However, with the many benefits of the internet, security and safety are critical on the web. Browsing the internet securely much heightens the importance of VPN.

“Weak passwords make home routers the easiest of targets for hackers. Using a VPN at home, you can secure your family’s internet browse.”

Secure your home internet

Our homes, generally, are our safe place. In this lovely and cosy corner of the world, we expect our family to enjoy the benefits of the internet. Often we take it for granted that our access to the internet at home is secure.

We must always be wary, as our safety, even right inside our own homes, can be easily compromised through our home routers. Many of us struggle with using strong passwords for our home routers. Weak passwords make home routers the easiest of targets for hackers. Using a VPN at home, you can secure your family’s internet browse. Signing up for a virtual private network VPN for your home today can be likened to protecting your home with the right keylock.

Always use VPN on public wifi

The pandemic has kept us indoors most of the past year. However, many still rely on public wifi to access the internet when they are away from home or the office. Businesses consider this an additional feature to attract clientele. Coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, airports and many other companies provide Wifi networks for their customers.

Most times, our mobiles devices will automatically connect with public wifi, significantly increasing the risk of connecting to dangerous wifi. Hackers and scammers are known to provide public wifi to lure unsuspecting users and steal their information. Do not ignore the importance of using a VPN on any public network. How easy it is for anyone to access your information on public networks makes signing up for VPN wise and indispensable.

Never go on vacation without it

Thankfully, as the COVID-19 restrictions gently ease, we can all breathe a sigh of cautious relief as we hope for and plan for our vacation. With the increase of online scams during the pandemic, it is even most important to never travel without having a VPN service. We can easily get carried away by the beautiful and glorious sights and sounds of the destination. Nevertheless, it is still a strange place that you wouldn’t know as much as you know your home city. While on holidays, we mostly rely on the wifi of hotels, airports, cafes, and restaurants, increasing the risk of being targeted by hackers. With a VPN, you will access the internet through a private network keeping your information safe and out of the reach of hackers.

Wise for businesses working remotely

Many companies presently have their staff working remotely. With more teams working and collaborating securely, it makes business sense to use VPN to secure corporate data and digital assets. According to SiteLock, “SiteLock VPN is an essential business need because it keeps your work confidential when you aren’t working from a secure server. SiteLock VPN is also available in multi-seat licenses to ensure all of your remote employees are secure.”, a Dotgidis brand resells SiteLock’s VPN.

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