The rise of VPN!

Google search-driven internet traffic on Virtual Private Network VPN has jumped significantly, in Nigeria with the recent ban on Twitter by the government of Nigeria. Many consider the internet and its empowering freedom as a democratic right and are concerned about this clampdown by the government. There is a rising opinion that the government feels challenged by the civil liberties empowering value of internet freedom. Considering how effective activists and citizens generally have deployed Twitter to push their democratic objectives, the platform has become the internationally recognised standard-bearer for internet freedom. The increasing interest of Nigerians in VPN services seem to indicate that this action by the government may have unexpected consequences for human rights as well as the digital economy of Nigeria.

“You can take Twitter away from Nigerians, but you can never take Nigerians away from Twitter.”

Before the internet, it was relatively easy to clamp down on freedom of expression. The government would stifle media freedom, shut down media organisations, imprison journalists and activists, and unleash extra-judicial violence in some extreme cases.

With the internet, citizens made good use of the web to expand the boundaries of free speech to the increasing chagrin of dictatorial governments. Civil society became smarter in deploying digital tools to hold governments accountable increasingly. Governments in playing catch up with technology began to explore ways to restrict internet freedom. Threats of the social media bill reflected the government’s use of the age-old shut in down tactics. Intolerant jackboot methods are hardly effective in a digital world, where brick and mortar is not required to champion democratic rights.

Although trite, necessity remains the birther of inventions. Ploys to suppress internet freedom in the short run can be effective. However, it imposes difficulties that compel citizens to quickly adapt and resourcefully circumvent restrictions placed on their democratic rights and liberties. The internet is the world’s powerhouse of civil liberties. Various intelligent and resourceful open-source and proprietary digital tools sustain the potency of the web in holding power accountable.

VPN is web freedom


Currently, in Nigerian, the web is empowering Nigerian’s to circumvent the constraints with innovative tech tools and software. Virtual Private Network or VPN is today at the fore of the digital resistance. President Buhari’s ban on Twitter has impacted VPN sales with a reported 14% increase in Google search for “VPN”. Many more Nigerians now know about Virtual Private Network (VPN). With it, they can bypass internet censorship.

The astronomical rise in the use of VPN to Nigerians presents potential. The compelling need to securely access blocked content boosts the sale of VPN. Ultimately, this censorship may yet be a trojan horse that will crucially extend citizens’ capacity to hold the government accountable. The negative financial impact of the Twitter clampdown will drive new opportunities for Nigeria’s digital economy. Of course, the current damage to businesses and entrepreneurs is significant. The difficulty will compel innovation which will ultimately empower citizens with new knowledge and expertise.

Where scarcity drives demand, business opportunity rises. There is an adequate incentive for people to invest scarce resources on their right to free internet. Virtual Private Network (VPN) are here to help. Many more Nigerians will sign up to virtual private networks to ensure that they continue to access Twitter. Like one Nigerian remarked on Twitter, “you can take Twitter away from Nigerians, but you can never take Nigerians away from Twitter”.

Sitelock VPN

Unquestionably, with Nigeria’s ban on Twitter comes increased use of VPN. Ultimately, the potential seismic shift it can trigger significantly represents a continued victory for internet freedom. As you stand up for your right to freedom of speech and expression, do not ignore the need to stay safe and be wary of web scams. Only take up VPN services from trusted brands, like Sitelock. There are many great VPN options out there. In making your decision consider the VPN services provided by trusted brands, like Sitelock. Our web hosting company provides Sitelock’s secure and reliable virtual private network (VPN).

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