The Dotgidis Digital team loves executing brand refresh projects for our customers. This love is not just about professional niches.

It also reflects our love for anything with the word: fresh in it. Who doesn’t? Fresh fruits. Fresh juice. Fresh vegetables. Fresh blueberry muffins. We couldn’t but include that; blue muffins is the standard brunch feast for our coffeeholic creatives. Fresh coffee. Fresh bread. Oh, that aroma of freshness. Fresh milk. Fresh fish. Freshwater. Fresh flowers. Fresh air. Oh yes, fresh air. Fresh ideas. Yes! Fresh orders. Please, more of that is necessary for our business targets and so much more freshness in humanity.

Why we love refreshing brands.

So yes, of course, we love creating new brands. Who doesn’t want the bigger budget and lengthier latitude in the new brand development briefs? While with the brand refresh and its humbler budget, there is a significant, often singular, limit embedded in the brief. The features that cannot change! The Nonnegotiable! The no-gos! Here lies the (seeming) difficulty that comes with trying to innovate in limitingly defined spaces.

Our team find greater design motivation in the restrictiveness of a brief for refreshing your brand. The challenge of making an old thing new without recreating it (kind of)? That’s the puzzle, and interestingly (stating the obvious), wherever there is a puzzle, a solution is lurking closely. A creative process that turns serious creative work into childhood hide and seeks is an inspired one : ). Therein lies the adventure. Like Felicity in Customer Experience will say, with adversity comes creativity, advance to go for its attainments.

“Therein lies the adventure of brand refreshes…with adversity comes creativity, advance to go for its attainments.”

What is a brand refresh?

A brand refresh is more than a renovation, and it is not a cosmetic makeover. It is close to, but not exactly, a rebirth. For our team, refreshing a brand is a creatively structured refinement and refuelling of an existing brand. A brand refresh will refine and refuel the visual style and elements of your enterprise. Brand refresh will upgrade, polish, better and hone the looks and the feel of your brand.

The improvement imbues the brand’s value proposition with new impetus. Inspirited, inflamed, enlivened and quickened, your brand rouses to further and unique prominence. With a brand refresh, your brand boldly takes on new challenges towards more remarkable achievements with new enthusiasm and energy.

Why do we need to freshen our brand?

Refreshing your brand is essential as it gives customers and potential customers confidence that your enterprise is abreast of the industry and its services. Brand refresh conveys a contemporary and up-to-date vision and perception of your enterprise. It convinces your customers that you are conversant with their changing needs in line with the changes in the world. 

Undertaking a brand refresh is a diligent action that keeps your brand immortal. By refreshing the brand, your brand’s value, messaging, and visuals will avoid becoming crusted, crinkly, and clunky. A brand refresh reflects how your enterprise and its customers are developing, growing and evolving. No enterprise wants to be stuck in the paranoia of Y2K when tech-driven insight and preferences are constantly changing and increasing.

Successfully refreshing your brand keeps your enterprise ever ready in an ever-changing tech driving world. As new people, new generations, and ever-changing preferences, a brand refresh can be a budget-friendly action you urgently need to take to keep your enterprise fresh. 

What does a brand refresh entail?

In executing a brand refresh project for your enterprise, explores your brand’s current use of colour, typography, styles and most importantly, tone of voice. From this, we identify the core areas that will require our refreshing touch. It may be all, but not necessarily. Our purpose is not to refresh your brand for the sake of it. Our brand refresh process is to make the minimal changes needed to keep the look and feel of your brand contemporary and up-to-date. To find out more about our brand refresh process, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Similarly, Dava Guthmiller, a member of the Forbes Agency Council, advised in Eight Ways To Freshen Your Brand’s Look – Without Rebranding: “Just like updating your living room, you don’t need to move walls to create a fresh look. Swap out the pillows or add new art for a quick refresh. Same with a brand: Keep the logo and any assets true to the core, and update a secondary color, add a new headline font or update the style of photography. It’s a good way to test a new brand in pieces while you plan for a future overhaul.”

Get your brand refreshed?

Do you want to know if your enterprise needs a brand refresh? We would love to hear from you. Please shoot us a message here, and Felicity at Customer Experience will reach out to you and schedule an exploration meeting online with a creative team member.

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